Penis Enlargement and the Truth About Male Enhancement Products

Penis Enlargement and the Truth About Male Enhancement Products

Do Any Male Enhancement or Penis Enlargement Products Really Work?

Big D Girth® is one of the few penis enlargement techniques that actually work.

So-called “male enhancement” products seem to be everywhere today. Whether to improve libido, boost performance, or supposedly increase penis size, there isn’t any lack of products targeting men designed to enhance or improve your sex life.

Despite recent headlines about the dubious and, in some cases, dangerous nature of many of these products, advertisements for countless pumps, pills, and powders offering to add inches to your penis continue.

Do any of them work? Basically, no.

But before we discuss that, let’s take a look at the truth about the average size of a man’s penis. Clinically speaking, a small penis is one that is less than 3 inches. The average penis size is 3 – 5 inches when flaccid and 5-7 inches when erect.

Most men who think they have a small penis are actually more likely to be average or even above average. Also, contrary to popular belief, just about any size penis can be accommodated by the vagina and bring a woman to orgasm.

In fact, in most surveys, most women say they do not prefer men with an exceptionally large penis. However, that has not stopped “Male Enhancement” from becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. However, most of these products are dubious at best and dangerous at worst!

Medically Proven Penis Enlargement

Just because most male enhancement products do not do what they claim, or because you may be making a bigger deal about the size of your penis than you have to, that does not mean you have to be satisfied with your size.

If you genuinely want to have a bigger penis, forget the useless products, and step up to true medical penis enlargement that works. Big D Girth® has been proven to provide you with a thicker, wider penis – instantly. Big D Girth provides substantially noticeable results in both the flaccid and erect states.

Big D Girth works! But don’t just take our word for it. See actual photos of the incredible before and after results here! Big D Girth uses FDA-approved materials that will add more girth to your penis, enlarging shaft thickness both when flaccid and erect.

The increase in girth begins immediately, with full results in 1 to 2 weeks. And recovery is quick. You can usually go back to work the same day! And resume sexual activity in 7- 10 days. To minimize discomfort, we use a local anesthetic, topical anesthetic, and Pro-NoxTM nitrous oxide to reduce pain and anxiety.

The benefits of Big D Girth last up to a year and a half, can be touched up to maintain size and is non-permanent and reversible.

Big D Girth:

  • Provides instant enlargement of the penis
  • Is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure
  • Takes less than an hour
  • Maintains thickness, normal or erect
  • Lasts up to a year and a half

What Every Man Should Know About Medical Penis Enlargement!

At Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness, we know that despite the plethora of so-called “male enhancement” products out there, other than painful implant surgery, there are very few clinically proven ways to achieve medical Penis Enlargement.

That’s why we are proud to provide men in the Dallas area with the only medical Penis Enlargement technique that provides noticeable improvements in penis size – Big D Girth! Big D Girth has been proven to provide you with a thicker, wider penis – instantly.

Big D Girth provides substantially noticeable results in both the flaccid and erect states. Our medical director is Dr. Escobar, a Texas licensed physician, has been practicing internal medicine for the last 25 years.

At Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness, Dr. Escobar has experience with treating erectile dysfunction, balancing hormones with hormone pellet therapy, and has been trained in aesthetic procedures with Botox® and facial fillers.

Dr. Escobar has a warm bedside manner and spends time with his patients listening to their symptoms and is bi-lingual. He is also a member of the Texas Medical Association and the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M), where his training specifically focused on endocrinology.

“Wow, just WOW! There really is nothing more I can say about the Big D Girth. The massive improvement speaks for itself.”

Duane L, Southlake, TX

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