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Try Priapus Shot (P-Shot) and Enjoy an Active Sex Life!

P-Shot Dallas TXThe P-Shot procedure is a remarkable breakthrough in treating Erectile dysfunction.

This procedure uses your body’s own natural healing ability to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of male dysfunction!

PRP is made by using a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma and other “growth factors” from the red and white blood cells in your blood. The healing factors in the treatment improve blood flow to the penis. They also stimulate the growth of new erectile tissue.

Our men’s health specialist Dr. Escobar in Dallas, TX, has been practicing internal medicine for the last 25 years. Dr. Escobar has experience with treating erectile dysfunction, with warm bedside manner and spends time with his patients listening to their symptoms and is bi-lingual. He is also a member of the Texas Medical Association and the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M), where his training specifically focused on endocrinology.

We also are offering all of our P-Shot patients a special bonus – one free Big D Wave Session.

The Big D Wave is one of the latest breakthroughs in male enhancement. It uses high-frequency sound waves to improve and boost sexual performance in men.

When combined with the Priapus Shot, the Big D Wave enhances the effects of the procedure by further opening blood vessels and helping the growth factors to stimulate the rejuvenation of new blood vessels.

The P-Shot is not only for men with ED. It can also help any man who would like to enjoy a better sex life that can come with longer, harder, more sustainable erections.

We also realize that there are many factors that influence sexual health in men, including age-related changes in hormone levels. That is why as part of our anti-aging services, we also offer testosterone therapy for men.

Benefits of the P-Shot (Priapus Shot)

There are many benefits of the Priapus Shot for men.

  • Better, longer, and firmer erections

  • Better blood flow and circulation for overall improved penile health

  • Increased sensation and pleasure

Soon after their first Priapus Shot treatment, most patients reported better, longer-lasting erections.

In addition, the Priapus Shot also has the following advantages over oral ED medications:

  • The P-Shot can increase blood flow to the penis, and only the penis, so it does not create vascular side effects in other parts of your body, such as headaches, the way Viagra® and other medications can.

  • Since platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own body, there have never been any reported allergic reactions.

  • As compared to other treatments for erectile dysfunction, this non-surgical procedure is relatively inexpensive.

What Can I Expect From The Treatment?

  • P-Shot Dallas TX

    Better Erections – Men who have taken the Priapus Shot have gone up as much as a 5-points on the 25 points erectile function scale.

  • Few If Any Side Effects – Since it is harvested from your blood, there are few, if any, side effects to the Priapus Shot.

  • Returns Spontaneous Erections – After P-Shot treatment, you are ready to perform whenever the moment strikes.

  • Suitable for All Men – Any man can benefit from the Priapus Shot – those who cannot take oral ED medications or even men who do not currently have ED.

What Makes Us Different?

Our priority is to help our male patients regain their vital and sexual health. We believe that every man has the right to feel their best, no matter their age – and that includes enjoying active and healthy sexual function.

We provide Sexual Wellness Treatments for men so that anyone healthy enough to have sex can enjoy the love life they deserve. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than when we can help a patient regain the comfort and confidence that comes with great sexual pleasure.

Our Revolutionary P-Shot® for Men!

P-Shot: The Consultation with Priapus Shot Specialist

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Common Questions About the P-Shot (Priapus Shot)

What Is the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot or P-Shot in Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness men’s health center is a procedure for men looking to restore or improve the quality of an erection using a proprietary technique using their own platelet-rich plasma PRP.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich Rich Plasma (PRP) comprises blood-derived growth factors called cytokines and chemokines, which stimulate the growth of new vessels and induce the development of erectile tissues in the penis. The improved blood circulation in the tissue results in better penile function, firmness, and enhanced size and sensitivity.

Does the Priapus Shot Hurt?

No, a topical anesthetic is applied before administering the Priapus Shot so that you will experience little or no pain. After topical numbing is used, the procedure is virtually painless. A tiny gauge needle is utilized to inject the PRP into the specified areas of the penis.

Are There Any Side Effects to the P-Shot Dallas?

Since PRP is made from your own blood, the P-Shot procedure has few known side effects. Occasionally, redness or swelling at the injection sites has been reported.

Can P-shot Help with Erectile Dysfunction

P-Shot in Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness is mainly prescribed to men with mild symptoms of ED when we only need to give a boost to improve or rejuvenate erectile tissue in the penis. In more severe cases when ED is more severe, we suggest combining Priapus Shot with the Big D Wave procedure.

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