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We provide clinically proven male enhancement techniques, so you can enjoy the sex life you deserve!

The Big D Shot Takes the P-shot to the Next Level!

Big D Shot Dallas TX

At Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness, we are excited to announce the latest technology in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and male enhancement!

We have been providers of the P-shot ® for many years and are the number one provider of this proven male enhancement technique in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

The P-shot was a breakthrough in that it was one of the only clinically proven non-surgical treatments for ED that went right to the cause of erectile dysfunction – poor blood flow!

The secret to the P-shot is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. PRP is made from your own blood, and it is full of growth factors. Once injected, the healing factors in PRP improve blood flow to the penis. They also stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and erectile tissue.

However, we wanted to go a step further to enhance the results that men can get with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) alone. So, we have added a tissue graft called an Allograft*. This increases the growth factors due to mesenchymal stem cells or MSC’s being in the tissue graft. Each Allograft is from a licensed tissue bank regulated by the FDA, and the donors have all been screened.

At Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness, our doctors understand that “male enhancement” means more than just penis size. That’s why we offer men a wide range of Erectile Dysfunction treatments including the P-shot as well as Big D Girth Therapy and other Penis Enlargement techniques to help you feel your best!

What Are the Benefits of the Big D Shot Package

The Big D Package involves three treatments over a 60-day period. The first treatment includes PRP plus the Allograft. Two follow-up PRP treatments are then performed at 30-day intervals. During this treatment phase, you will be using a vacuum pump, and taking compounded erectile dysfunction medication to increase blood flow.

Patients are report longer, stronger, and more sustainable erections. Of course, as in any medical treatment, your individual results can vary.

Patients who undergo the Big D Shot protocol can expect:

  • Improved Ability to Obtain and Maintain an Erection – The primary goal of all of our Male Enhancement procedures like the BIG D Shot is to provide a surgery-free, non-invasive solution for men with erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • Improved Libido and Better Sexual Performance – The Big D Shot can lead to an increased sex drive and improved sexual performance.
  • Increased Penis Size – In addition to treating ED, some of our Male Enhancement protocols like the Big D Shot have been known to increase penis size. Our doctors like to call it a happy side effect, and with all side effects, not everyone experiences it.

What Makes Us Different?

Our priority is to help our patients regain the robust and healthy energy of their youth. We believe that everyone has the right to feel his or her best, no matter what age they are. As knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, we are committed to helping our patients meet this goal.

We provide Sexual Wellness Treatments for men and women so that anyone healthy enough to have sex can enjoy the love life they deserve.

Big D Shot Dallas TX

Our Sexual Health Services include:

Nothing brings us more satisfaction than when we are able to help a patient regain the comfort and confidence that comes with great sex life and healthy hormonal levels.

Call us today at 214-646-1523 for a free consultation for sexual wellness at Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness!

Common Questions About the Big D Shot

What Is the Big D Shot?

The Big D Shot is a proprietary protocol that is based on the proven benefits of the P-shot. The Big D shot combines the powerful ED treatment of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) found in the P-shot with additional stem cells and growth factors that enhance the benefits of the PRP.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich Rich Plasma or PRP is made up of growth factors called cytokines and chemokines, which stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and induce the growth of erectile tissues. The improved blood circulation in the tissue results in better penile function, firmness, and enhanced size and sensitivity.

What Is the P-shot?

The P-shot uses the stem cells and growth factors in your own blood to treat erectile dysfunction.

Can the Big D Shot Make My Penis Bigger?

Most of our Big D Shot patients report a noticeable increase in the length and girth of their penis after completing all three parts of the treatment protocol.

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