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The professionals in our staff have more than a century of combined experience when it comes to hormone therapy. As a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, we are proud to provide our patients in Carrollton, TX with treatment solutions that are safe, proven, and effective.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that once you are over 30, your testosterone level begins to drop significantly. Our doctors know that Testosterone Replacement for Men in Carrollton, TX is an extremely effective way to treat age-related testosterone loss.

In addition to age-related testosterone loss, many of our male patients in Carrollton, TX are also dealing with Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is more common than you think. Today, major advances in technology have created Erectile Dysfunction Treatments that are helping men of all ages in Carrollton, TX overcome ED – without drugs or surgery!

Male sexual issues do not begin and end with ED. That is also why we are proud to provide men in the Carrollton, TX area with the only medical Penis Enlargement technique that provides noticeable improvements in penis size – Big D Girth®!

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