Zach Tallon

zach tallon
Zach Tallon
Chief Executive Officer

Zach is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Dallas Anti-Aging and Wellness since its inception in 2010.
Zach is also president of Z Management, LLC our healthcare management company. Zach’s favorite role
is in research and development and was responsible for the development of our national brands that
are Federally trademarked including Big D Wave®, Big D Shot ®, and Big D Girth™. These three brands
are improving the quality of life for thousands of men. Zach’s educational background includes a
bachelor’s degree in business and specialized training in soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation. He is
very strong with customer service skills and strives for the clinic to be excellent in this area. Zach takes
an active role in the hiring and management of the clinic staff and personally chose the staff members.
Friendly, caring, and skilled are winning traits he looks for when hiring.
Zach’s personal mission statement includes being in a profession that makes a difference in other
people’s lives. He feels he has accomplished this in his role of CEO at Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness.

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