Is There Any Such Thing As “Over-the-Counter” Testosterone?

Posted January 23, 2023
By Edwin Escobar, M.D. In Men's Health

Is There Any Such Thing As “Over-the-Counter” Testosterone?

Why Men With Low Testosterone should Avoid “Testosterone Supplements”

Testosterone Therapy for Men Dallas TXIf you are seeking testosterone therapy for men in Dallas, Tx, one thing you should know is that there is no such thing as “over-the-counter” testosterone.

If you are a man in Dallas or the surrounding areas and have been researching treatments for low testosterone, no doubt you have found your emails and social media feeds filled with so-called “testosterone boosters.”

This may lead you to believe that you can purchase “over-the-counter” testosterone boosters without a doctor’s prescription. But do not be deceived. Legitimate testosterone therapy in Dallas is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

Testosterone is a prescription medication most effectively prescribed as injections. By law, these so-called “testosterone pills” cannot contain any actual testosterone. Besides not being any authentic testosterone replacement therapy, the claims made by these products to be able to “boost” or increase your testosterone levels are dubious at best.

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters are not testosterone. Nor are they over-the-counter drugs. They are sold as “nutritional supplements” and are usually combinations of protein, amino acids, and other “natural ingredients” that claim to have the ability to increase your body’s natural production of testosterone. However, most clinical research has found that these supplements have little or no known effect whatsoever.

The most recent study of these so-called “T-boosters,” this one done by the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Sothern California, concluded that men who want to improve their libido or build body mass or who are otherwise seeking treatment for low testosterone should “think twice” before using testosterone-boosting supplements as their research shows these alternatives to traditional testosterone replacement therapy do not have the ingredients to support their claims.

“Many supplements on the market merely contain vitamins and minerals but don’t do anything to improve testosterone,” says Mary K. Samplaski, MD, assistant professor of clinical urology at the Keck School of Medicine. “Often, people can be vulnerable to the marketing component of these products, making it difficult to tease out what is a myth and reality.”

Furthermore, not only do these testosterone boosters not do as they claim to raise your testosterone levels but since they are sold as nutritional supplements, they are not regulated by the FDA. This means their manufacturers can make any claims they wish about their effectiveness and do not have to disclose all of the ingredients.

As such, these products often contain fillers and other ingredients that could harm your health by causing allergic reactions or dangerous interactions with other drugs you may be taking. Dallas men who believe they are suffering from age-related testosterone loss should avoid such products and opt for legitimate testosterone therapy for men from a known and respected men’s health clinic like Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness.

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What Every Man Needs to Know: Testosterone Therapy for Men

Unlike taking bogus testosterone supplements, men with low testosterone can make vast improvements in their overall health and well-being with testosterone therapy for men from Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that a man’s testosterone level drops as he ages. Once you are over 35, you can expect to lose testosterone at a rate of 1% to 2% yearly. This is why it is so important for men to understand the many benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. Prescription testosterone therapy for men is available via injection, topical creams or gels, skin patches, subdermal pellets, or oral medication. Our testosterone replacement specialists will work with you to decide which form of testosterone replacement for men is best for your needs and lifestyle.

Testosterone replacement therapy for men in Dallas or anywhere in the U.S. is only legally available with a doctor’s prescription. Without a doctor’s prescription, you cannot buy authentic testosterone online or anywhere. While any doctor can write you a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy, you should work with a clinic like Dallas Anti-Aging and Wellness, specializing in age optimization services and age-related hormone decline.

Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Our commitment is to help our patients feel young, youthful, and energized. We offer bioidentical hormone therapy treatments and highly specialized procedures designed to meet our patient’s personal needs and reverse the effects of aging and energy loss caused by menopause or andropause.

Working with our highly trained and professional staff, you’ll be able to achieve a renewed outlook and regain the vitality of your youth.

Testosterone Therapy for Men Dallas TXOur medical director is Dr. Escobar, a Texas licensed physician, has been practicing internal medicine for the last 25 years.

At Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness, Dr. Escobar has experience with treating erectile dysfunction, balancing hormones with hormone pellet therapy, and has been trained in aesthetic procedures with Botox® and facial fillers. Dr. Escobar has a warm bedside manner and spends time with his patients listening to their symptoms and is bi-lingual. He is also a member of the Texas Medical Association and the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M), where his training specifically focused on endocrinology.

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