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Our blog is here to help you understand the issues related to hormone imbalance and its treatment. We regularly post patients' experiences, successes and the latest treatments in anti-aging hormone replacement therapy.

Hot flashes, mood swings and dizziness are all common of Menopause, and affect daily life in all aspects from not having enough energy to pick up your kids to having to leave your office to cool down. The fact that every woman faces Menopause, does not lessen its symptoms or the fact that it is one of the most debilitating, annoying things for a woman to go through in her life.   Enter Hormone Replace Therapy. This amazing, progressive way to treat anything from Andropause (men’s ‘menopause’ ) to Testosterone  Read More »

Oxytocin, the love drug.

Oxytocin may be a new love drug that is hitting the market, but it is far from a new development in human biology. Oxytocin is a type of hormone that is released in respond to a wide variety of stimulus like skin-to-skin contact or cervical stimulation.  Oxytocin is known as the love drug, cuddle hormone, or the love hormone. The reason that Oxytocin has been given that name is because of the effects of the hormone.  It sends a cascade of reactions to all parts of the body which results  Read More »

Dieting with HCG

Health is one of your most important possessions. With the proper diet and exercise you can live a long and healthy life with hopefully a very small chance of developing any troubling health issues. A nutritious and balanced diet will give you the energy you need to get through the day. Once you remove fatty foods from your diet and add in more fruits and vegetable you can get all the proper nutrients you need without all the fat and cholesterol.  While eating fruits and vegetables is great you have  Read More »

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